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So, what is it that we do?

The short answer is that we work with youth and adults that work with youth.  Since 1997, we have worked to promote character, service, education and culture for young girls in urban populations. Over time, we diversified our program to include all young people (girls and boys and youth of all backgrounds) ensuring that every child is equipped with the knowledge  and tools in life to succeed.

We provide leadership training for groups of all sizes. We work with community partners in health wellness, and prevention across the state, and we host several signature events whereby young people can play an active role in the development, and implementation of the programs.

We're unique in that we allow our youth to provide direction for our overall programming. We have a governing advisory board, made of community members of various backgrounds that care about youth.  We have three youth leadership boards, and we have a governing  board of former youth participants of our program.  We're coming into our own and bridging gaps that exist for our young people today, so those gaps won't exist in the future. We do that by BUILDING UP our youth members by sharing what we believe are four fundamental components  that lead to success. And that is by understanding the importance of character, service to the community, education for all, and culture awareness. 


Miss Teen Tours:  6-month mentoring program for girls ages 11-18.

Arkansas Youth Leadership Initiative:  Youth-led grass-roots tobacco prevention program 5 and up
Olivia's Hope Tomorrow's Promise:  Leadership mentoring program for youth and young adults 18-25

Youth with PURPOSE:  Youth who serve as Change Agents for the community.