Youth With PURPOSE

New to our youth program, is our YOUTH WITH PURPOSE Leadership Team.  These young people are identified by their peers as movers and shakers and awesome change makers.  They are the pulse of their groups, and strive to ensure that their peers are safe, healthy, wise decision makers of tomorrow.  This group of young leaders work on ALL the issues that affect their daily lives: alcohol, drugs, obesity, bullying, abuse, hunger, teen pregnancy, suicide and peer pressure of all sorts. They work in their schools, churches, communities, and with one another on a statewide level. 


*  noun-  The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. A person's sense of resolve or determination.

 *  verb- have as one's intention or objective



If you are a young person and or if you know a young person who is ready to make CHANGE HAPPEN, and want to work with youth that are leading the way for the future of Arkansas YOUTH, complete the note below and we'll send you more information. 

Miss Teen Tours

Young ladies between the age of 12-19 are welcomed to participate in Miss Teen Tours. In 1997, Miss Black Teen Tours began in Fort Smith, AR as a cultural awareness, community service, education enrichment and character building program for young ladies of color to broaden their views on the community in which they live, and their commitment to themselves as young women in society. 

The title Ms. Black Teen Tours changed the name in 2006, when organizers saw an interest from young ladies that were not of color and began to include and ensure that all young ladies between the ages of 11-19 were introduce to the four fundamental components of culture, character, service and education.  The six-month program has several activities and events that correspond with their curriculum.

Teens apply for a 15-seat position at a local tour site, headed by a local director.  Each participatant receives a workbook, and subsequest materials designed to guide her on her tour "training."


  • Summer Teen Tour Society: Weekend camps and workshops that included leadership training, social etiquette, fitness, and health, and celebration prep.

  • Direct This! Workshops and Retreats: Designed for women interested in becoming directors in our system.

  • Regional Conferences: Opportunity for participants from across the region to meet for a weekend of full of networking, fun, education, and fundamental courses and workshops designed for Teen Tours: Pageantry 101 and 202.

  • Regional and National Celebrations: Tour participants that have completed workbooks prior to regional registration period can participate in regional programs.  All girls between the age of 11-19 are eligible to participate in the national celebration, if they have attended either the Summer Teen Tours Society Camp, and or a Regional Conference.

YES(Youth Extinguishing Smoking)Team

In 2002, the Arkansas Youth Leadership Initiative went into partnership with Arkansans for Drug Free Youth, and developed, and designed a youth-led statewide tobacco prevention program utilizing youth leaders across the state and a local marketing firm.  As a result of that partnership, the youth leaders, called the Tobacco Control Youth Board organized and implemented the grass-roots counter marketing campaign against Big Tobacco called YES (Youth Extinguishing Smoking) Team!

Members are generally introduced to the program by their peers, current YES TEAM members, or through a presentation of sorts.  While any Arkansan may join the YES Team, its focus is on 5-26 year-olds that are committed to remaining Tobacco Free, which is the ONLY requirement.  YES Team members have no other active responsibilities.


  • Those who are led by a Tobacco Control Youth Board Member, thus have an organized YES TEAM affiliation.
  • Those whose members that have pledged to be tobacco free but are not affiliated with a Tobacco Control Youth Board member and do not have an organized YES TEAM.


  • Tobacco Control Youth Board: Youth leaders that are either appointed and or elected to serve for one year.  They govern the activities of the grass-roots activities in their local communities across the state and lead their youth tobacco efforts.

  • Team YES Speaks: Consists of youth leaders that serve on the Tobacco Control Youth Board that represent the board, and the tobacco prevention program, locally, regionally, and nationally. This select group of youth are the spokespersons for the group.  They are the VOICE of the movement.

  • YES YA (Youth Advisors) : Arkansas college students who have aged out of the leadership program, but wish to remain associated with YLI and continue their work in tobacco control and prevention on their college and university campuses.  YA's are positive role models for young members and add a well rounded balance to the youth leadership.